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Zinus Modern Studio

This is a great side table for the modern studio. It has a modern platform and table saw frame. The bed can be done in two different materials such as wood or metal. The mattress foundation no boxspring needed wooden slat support can be used if you want a soft and comfortable bed. The zinus product team is available to help with whatever you need.

Best Zinus Modern Studio Review

This zinus modern studio side table is a great way to put only modern atmosphere in your home. The table has a 14 inch platform to stand on, and is made of1500 metal bed frame. It has a simple design with a white finish.
this zinus modern studio side table is a great addition to your bedroom! The table is large andmint green with silver hardware and a 14 inch platform to give you a large space. The table is made from metal bed frame and foundation and is made from flooring of a soft blue or green material. This end table side table is a great choice for a bedroom because it has a spacious space and is very comfortable to use.
this is a low profile bed frame made from wood with a mattress foundation to. It is perfect for against a bedroom wall or to provide a more contemporary look. It has a comfortable topology and is easy to set up.